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1. What does Extra mean in the context of Precisa Professional & Precisa Enterprise Plans?

When you sign up for Precisa Professional Plan, you can analyse 100 Bank Accounts in a month. In case of Precisa Enterprise Plan, it’s 500 Bank Accounts per month. This is referred to as Subscribed Bank Accounts count.

Precisa allows you to analyse more than the subscribed number of Bank Accounts. If let’s say you have signed up for Precisa Professional, if you try to analyse 101st Bank Account, Precisa will allow you to do it. This way your actual usage may exceed the Subscribed Bank Accounts count. The number of Bank Accounts analysed in excess of the Subscribed Bank Accounts is referred to as “Extra”.


2. In a Precisa Enterprise Plan, what happens when I upload the 501st Bank account into the Precisa Bank Statement Analyser?

Bank account will be analysed and you will be charged for that extra bank account in the next billing cycle.


3. If I upload 510 Bank accounts in a month in my Precisa Enterprise plan then how is my bill calculated?

In the next billing cycle you will be charged Rs. 440 for the extra 10 bank accounts (i.e., 10 x 44), plus Rs. 25,000 for the next month’s subscription renewal fee. That is, Rs 25,440 will be charged in total.


4. When is the billing done for excess usage in a Precisa Plan?

Excess usage charges will be added to the subsequent month’s renewal fee.