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The Precisa Experience

Real-time financial data analysis gives 360-degree view of the customer's financial health for credit assessment and risk management.

Democratising Risk Profiling

Cloud-based bank transactions and financial data analytics solution for Banks, NBFCs, Wealth Management & Insurance companies.

Countries supported

450 +
Banks Supported

1000 +
Bank Formats Supported

650,000 +
Bank Statements Processed

55 Million +
Transactions Processed

Make informed credit decisions to reduce NPAs or
create risk profile for smart investment decisions

Precisa, a cloud-based, intuitive, analytics solution with intelligent automation is designed for decision makers in the field of lending, insurance, wealth management and personal finance.

Bank transactions are good indicators of a business entity or individual's income, expenses, and most importantly, the spending pattern. Bank transactions data when combined with other financial data gives reliable picture of current performance and future growth prospects of a business.

We aim to simplify the financial data analysis process, with our easy-to-use web application which allows you to fetch the data in real-time from the source or upload documents, and presents actionable insights in visually appealing, intuitive dashboards in real-time.

Precisa can be used as a stand-alone Web App or can be integrated with an existing Loan Origination or Loan Management System or any other system using APIs.

Our Core Solutions

Bank Statement Analysis

Upload bank statements or fetch data from the Bank using out-of-the-box Account Aggregator connector, and get fast and accurate analysis of one or more bank accounts.

GSTR Analysis

Fetch GSTR data in real-time from GSTN Server using GSP API connector or Account Aggregator or upload documents, and get insights into the business performance.

Credit Report Analysis

Fetch Credit Report in real-time using out-of-the-box Bureau Data connector and combine it with other financial data to get 360-degree view of the customer's financial health.

Account Aggregator Connector

Get Bank transactions and GST Returns data directly from the source to eliminate the risk of data manipulation fraud.

Why choose Precisa?

  • Go-Live in minutes and start getting value
  • Transparent pricing
  • Flexible subscription plans to suit your business needs
  • ML driven irregularities discovery, comprehensive categorisation of bank transactions & counterparty detection
  • Easy-to-use Web App guarantees quick user onboarding & operational efficiency
  • Fast and secure access to user's bank transactions and GST returns with Account Aggregator connector
  • Add real-time financial data analytics capability to your existing solutions with Precisa APIs integration

APIs for Integration

Integrate Precisa’s Analytics capability with your existing systems with a few simple steps, and give your team a smooth, fast and secure user experience.

Pricing & Plans

Free Trial


  • 1 User
  • Bank Accounts
  • Up to 12 Statements per Bank Account
  • Web Portal Access for 7 days
Precisa pay-per-use

₹100 (incl GST)

Precisa pay-as-you-go
Precisa custom

Custom Pricing

Pricing & Plans

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